About Us

                                    Where the River meets The Mountain



We live in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, with the majestic Mt Warning and beautiful Tweed River right on our doorstep. Right here amongst the 28 acres of natural bushland that we affectionately call ‘The Village’, we have access to so much. As you walk around the village you see people enjoying a quiet cuppa on their balcony, washing the car, or on their way to some of the great activities on offer.

The Lake at Mountain View

It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, most people have a cheery ‘good morning’ to offer as you pass by. Life in the village is good. What makes the difference here is the sense of community and belonging we share.

After a lifetime of studying, working, raising children, and paying taxes, we’ve finally earned the right to retire and enjoy a much slower, quieter pace of life. We have a combined wealth of diverse life-paths and histories. Regardless of what jobs we had, where we lived, what car we drove, or how much we earned, here in the village we have the common bond of being retired, or at least very close to retiring. This is what creates the overwhelming sense of belonging and community that unites us. Here, we share more similarities than differences. If you are creeping up to retirement age, do yourself a favour, and check out a retirement village in your neighbourhood. Or, come and check out ours. I think you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. The important thing is that you make the decision that is right for you, going forward. The longer we put off making a decision about where we’ll live as we age, the more likelihood that someone else will make the decision for you, and it mightn’t be what really works for us. With the ageing population of Australia, options are getting better for long term support that keeps us in our own homes. By buying a unit in a retirement village, it is very likely that the support you need will grow with you. Independent living units provide all the freedom of living in suburbia, but with the assurance that help is there for you, if you need it. But the big difference is that your neighbours are people you will get to know, who will watch out for your place when you’re off travelling and watch out for you when you’re home. Life doesn’t get better than this.


The Bowling Green