MountainView-Living, Murwillumbah


The lake at Mountain View – the perfect place to stop for awhile and enjoy the peace.

Welcome to Mountain View Living

This is a place where we can share information, discuss current issues, arrange support for those who need a little help, and organise social events. One of the key things I would like to see on this site is an active ‘blog’ where we can talk about issues that are important to us all.

I’ll add a bit of a disclaimer here and stress that comments should reflect sensitivity to the general well-being of all residents. This won’t be a forum for airing personal grievances about individuals, or the system; it’s just a place to share information and issues of a general nature, in a sensitive manner and for the good of everyone.

I know we can have a Facebook page, but I’m still not sure about the value of having to sift through the thoughts and activities of a lot of people just to get to the valuable information we are looking for. By having a designated website we can have pages that are specifically designed for our needs and where information is easy to find. A place where we can have a say on what matters, in a sensitive way of course, and where we can share the good stuff.

I’m reasonably new at all things ‘website’, so you’ll need to be patient. This is very much a work in progress, so check back often to see how it’s progressing.

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