All About E-Mail

E-mail (or Email) is a quick way of saying Electronic Mail, and if you’re not using email, you’re communicating the hard way. Email is a quick, easy and faster way to communicate. This lesson is all about email.


The Australian Government has recognised the need for all Australians to be connected electronically and has set up free training that caters specifically for us, the older generation.

Be Connected training is learner-focussed so you can learn at your own pace, based on your interests and/or needs.

The e-mail topic in Be Connected is the one you need, to learn more about e-mail.

Each electronic device (smart phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, computer) is different, so there may be some differences in what you will see on your device, but the basic operations stay pretty much the same. Once you know the basics, you should be able to adapt them to all of your e-devices.

Communicating by e-mail has advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

E-mail is instant: you hit the send button, and the recipient receives the email within seconds, no matter where in the world they live.

A paper-trail is included in the benefits of using e-mail. As long as you don’t delete the emails, you will have a permanent record of what you have sent and received.

The down-side is: e-mails sent in the heat of the moment are locked in – well – almost. If you change your mind fast enough, there are ways to recall an email so that the recipient doesn’t get the full force of your vent. Sadly though, if the recipient does see it, the email can’t be retrieved. It only works if they haven’t already looked at it. But let’s hope you never have to use that feature.

Have fun with email!

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