The Exciting World of Being Published!

We’ve done it! Our Mountain View Anthology is now live on Amazon for pre-order (Kindle version only at the moment – but print copy will be available soon). Last year Mary, Wendy and I asked residents to send us their stories for the inaugural volume of our anthology. And yes, we may have underestimated how much work is needed to edit, type and format those … Continue reading The Exciting World of Being Published!

ANZAC Day 2021

The remnants of COVID-19 restrictions still linger here at Mountain View – and in the wider community. With the Anzac Day march cancelled again this year, Anzac Day 2021 was almost a replica of 2020. Neighbours gathered in driveways with lighted candles and remembered brave men and women who have served in wars past and present. Russell, assisted by Jim, organised a beautiful Dawn Service … Continue reading ANZAC Day 2021

Christmas Market At Mountain View

With the success of the recent Plant Market, Coral and Christine followed up with a Christmas Market at Mountain View. Things were a bit ‘Frosty’ during set-up, but Jerry, Neila and Coral sorted it out. With Frosty’s help they set up the tables and moved bucket-loads of plants in, ready to sell. Our crew are a talented lot, so they needed a lot of tables. … Continue reading Christmas Market At Mountain View

Self-Management is Complicated

My feet had barely hit the ground at Mountain View when the Annual General Meeting was called. I was too busy settling in to care about the politics of the place, but the agenda included a motion to terminate the Strata Manager. Self-management is complicated in a large scheme, so I wondered if that would be a wise decision to make.

There was a lot to be said at that meeting, and as a relatively new resident I listened to all the arguments, for and against. When I cast my vote in favour of self-management I was confident we could do it.

Just before the AGM I was nominated for a position on the Strata Committee, and I’ve been part of that great committee since then.

It’s a tough gig but someone has to do it

Giving time to be on the Strata Committee has been an honour and a privilege, but it hasn’t been without problems.

The legislation that governs Strata Schemes in New South Wales has changed, and the changes have increased the complexity of managing large schemes like ours. None of the committee members are trained Strata Managers; we’ve been a lot of things in our other lives, but not Strata Managers.

We are a large Strata Scheme and we need the expertise of a fully qualified Strata Manager to guide us.

David does an amazing job as our Community Manager, but the last thing he needs is the extra strain of helping us keep up with changes in the legislation.

What does the legislation say?

The Strata Committee put in a lot of hours in the lead up to presenting Motions to residents at a General Meeting, as per legislation.

The Owners voted on:

  • whether we need a Strata Manager
  • which of the two proposals to accept for the appointment of a Strata Manager (dependent on the outcome of the first Motion)

The Motions and two proposals from prospective Strata Management companies were presented at a General Meeting. And the residents of this great village voted in favour of a Strata Manager, and in favour of appointing BCS to manage this fabulous place we live in.

The Strata Committee is still relevant, but the hard work will now be borne by BCS generally, and Matthew (our new Strata Manager) specifically.

Yep! Self-management is complicated

So we can all relax, safe in the knowledge that BCS will handle the hard stuff. They know the legislation inside-out and can answer all those tough questions.

Do we still need a Strata Committee?

Mountain View is a Strata Scheme, even though we have an increasing number of Leasehold units. Until we are 100% Leasehold, we will be a Strata Scheme, and a Strata Scheme has to have a Strata Committee.

I would encourage Owners to consider nominating for a position on the Strata Committee at future elections. We sorted the hard stuff so you can have a much easier experience than the current committee has had.

And what about David?

David will now be able to focus on what he needs to do as Community Manager. The appointment of BCS takes a lot of pressure off him.

The majority of residents love where they live and want to live peacefully and harmoniously with their neighbours. There are a few residents who aren’t happy but that’s life; the rest of just keep on being happy.

I often wonder how David survived all the hard stuff that went on behind the scenes, but he did. He handles it all without even breaking a sweat – he saves the sweat for the football field after work. There’s a lot to be said for a good physical workout after a stressful day.

If it isn’t working, call Dave!

Who do we call when a water main bursts? Dave! He knows which mains to turn off and what to do until the plumber arrives.

Dave is a man of few words – unless you ask for a progress report on his new granddaughter. Then out comes the modern-day brag book (the trusty smart-phone) with the latest photos and videos. And because we all know the mother (and father) of this beautiful baby, we can’t get reports of how she is growing.

Dave will still do what he does best – look after the everyday maintenance stuff.

Jason and the gardeners…

Nothing will change on the garden front. Jason will still manage his fabulous team to keep our gardens as beautiful as they always are.

One of the first things visitors notice are the gardens, especially in spring. We live in a kaleidoscope of colour, carefully planned and cultivated by our amazing gardening team, originally led by Eddie, and now capably managed by his son, Jason. Our twenty-eight acres of spectacular bushland are a credit to this amazing team.

So what happens now?

  • BCS will take care of the big stuff
  • David is still at the helm as Community Manager
  • the girls will continue to manage the office and call-outs
  • Jason and his team will still look after the gardens
  • Dave will fix everything that needs fixing (within his job description) and keep us updated on the progress of his beautiful granddaughter
  • the Strata Committee will liaise with the Strata Manager and continue to make decisions about Common Property

Mountain View is in good hands

Self-management is complicated, and that’s why it’s better to hand the management over to BCS. And we can all get on with what we do best: enjoy our retirement.

And that’s how it should be!

Continue reading “Self-Management is Complicated”

Massive Bolt Of Lightning

Where were you when that massive bolt of lightning hit the village yesterday? Wait a minute, wasn’t yesterday Halloween? Was it Nature’s attempt at Trick or Treat? If Halloween is about scaring the daylights out of people, then yes, I guess Nature won. There was absolutely no time between that one massive bolt of lightning and the accompanying thunder; they hit simultaneously. No wonder it … Continue reading Massive Bolt Of Lightning

Another Amazing Village Garden Market

The amazing team of Coral and Christine, with the help of a heap of fantastic volunteers, put together another successful Village Garden Market yesterday. Garden enthusiasts and hungry residents stayed dry while they ambled through the tables full of plants and baked goods. The girls did a great job as acting Bookies, selling tickets in next week’s Melbourne Cup Sweep. Thanks Prue, Christine and Coral. … Continue reading Another Amazing Village Garden Market

Christine and Coral

She Calls Me A B*tch At Least Once A Week

I was caught off guard when I asked Coral what makes the team of ‘Coral and Christine’ so strong. She looked at me and said, “She calls me a b*tch at least once a week”. I wasn’t expecting that response, but the more I delved into the reasons for their longstanding working relationship, the more it made sense. Coral and Christine assumed ownership of the … Continue reading She Calls Me A B*tch At Least Once A Week

Why Wayne Bennett’s Book Made Millions of Dollars!

Wayne Bennett, former coach of the Brisbane Broncos, published a book in 2002 called ‘Don’t Die With the Music In You’. Apparently nobody was more surprised than Bennett when the book became an outstanding success and grossed more than a million dollars in sales in the first eight months. Bennett didn’t write his book for financial gain; he wrote it to tell the story of … Continue reading Why Wayne Bennett’s Book Made Millions of Dollars!

Mountain View Facebook Group

Wendy and I have started a closed FB Group for all residents and staff at Mountain View. Just search Facebook for Mountain View Murwillumbah, and you’ll find us. You have to apply to become a member and answer three simple questions – then an Administrator will approve your request – depending on your answers… You’ll then be part of our very own Facebook community. Don’t … Continue reading Mountain View Facebook Group

Looking at Life in the Rear-View Mirror

Most of us up here on the hill have been around the block a couple of times (or more!). Some have lived our lives on the edge while others have taken a more conservative, back-seat position. But regardless of what course our lives took, looking at life in the rear-view mirror certainly puts a different perspective on it. The ordinary experiences of aging alter and … Continue reading Looking at Life in the Rear-View Mirror

Wrap Your Laughing Gear Around This!

Wrap your laughing gear around this, and let’s dissect this whole ‘ageing and happiness’ business. “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old; you grow old when you stop laughing” George Bernard Shaw Who Wants To Grow Old Before Their Time!? Retiring from a long, stressful career in Education has given me the freedom to kick back and enjoy life. And one of the best … Continue reading Wrap Your Laughing Gear Around This!

Tenterfield Trip – Part One

Synchronised alarm clocks started ringing around the village bright and early on Tuesday morning. It was the day for the Tenterfield trip – the bus was leaving at 8.00am – and fifteen of us planned to be on it. Weeks of planning and anticipation were about to come crashing in on each one of us. With last minute almost-forgotten items shoved into our packing, we … Continue reading Tenterfield Trip – Part One

Is there Harmony in the Village?

How does a family of more than two-hundred members live harmoniously in close proximity? Stick around and I’ll talk you through the harmony in the village I live in. Like any family of more than two members (should that be, more than one member?), there are bound to be problems. Is that how it is in Mountain View Retirement Village? Put more than two hundred … Continue reading Is there Harmony in the Village?