Welcome to Winter!

Up here on the hill, we don’t do things in half measures. When we decided to host a Welcome to Winter lunch, volunteers got busy planning, shopping, cooking and decorating.…

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Road Trip to Tenterfield!

Here at Mountain View we are always thinking of: new things to do; places to go; people to meet. Our Social Committee organises most activities, but residents come up with…

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Road Trip to Tenterfield!
Our Federated Nation started right here in Tenterfield

It’s All Rock ‘n Roll!

There is nothing like the first few bars of a favourite song to rekindle memories. When that music is Rock ‘n Roll - well, two decades come flooding back. The…

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It’s All Rock ‘n Roll!
Flared skirts and bobby-socks, rock on!

That’s Trivia!

Families have been gathering around the dining room table to answer silly questions since 1981. It was back then that a group of Canadian men decided to launch the new…

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Was It Worth It?

Staging a Seniors Expo as part of the NSW Seniors Festival, demands a reasonable amount of time and brain-power - especially the brain-power. But - by putting our collective heads…

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Four Days Until…!

The countdown is on! Only four days until Aveo Mountain View’s Seniors Expo. That’s just four sleeps and a wakey - until Friday the 22nd February. We’ll put the coffee…

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Seniors Week Expo!

February brings tidings of new beginnings. As the Lunar New Year launches on the 5th February, we celebrate the Year of the Pig.  And what better way to welcome the…

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Seniors Week Expo!
Mountain View

Retirement Re-Badged

Aveo China Campus Being part of a Retirement Village can have it's benefits - beyond the obvious: like-minded neighbours; peaceful and quiet living; security of having retired neighbours watching out for…

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Planning Stage

Suzy Cornelius outlines the travel opportunity for Australian Aveo residents to visit the Aveo campus in Shanghai. It sounded good, but got even better when I found out there was…

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