A Hot Christmas Lunch

The advantages of having Christmas in July are many and varied. Some would argue that it isn’t right – from a Spiritual perspective – and I respect that. But here in Australia we do a lot of things differently. Perhaps it comes from being ‘Down Under’ – or upside down, as our Northern Hemisphere friends would have us believe. Having Christmas in July means we get to eat a traditional hot Christmas lunch. Some Aussies might sit down to a hot Christmas lunch in December, but I guarantee it will be with the unwelcome addition of flies, sweat and searing temperatures.

It’s also about economics…

How much do you spend at Christmas? Do you spend a big chunk of the next year clearing the Credit Card debt acquired in the lead up to December?

Christmas in July gives us all the trimmings, without the expense. We might add a few more luxury items to the lunch menu than we would usually, but nothing like what happens at Christmas in December.

We drag out the box of Christmas decorations from last year and throw a bit of tinsel around, but there’s no need (or opportunity) to go out and buy more. The doors on the pop-up Christmas stores remain closed, at least for a few more months.

Last year’s Christmas Tree might make its way to the corner of the room, but it doesn’t get the attention it demands in December.

But the most appreciative person on the scene in July is good-old Santa! For once he gets to don his red suit without being trapped in a walking-Sauna-suit. In fact, the fur-lined suit provides a safe haven from the chilly July air, which is what Northern Hemisphere Santas enjoy in December.

And not a drop of sweat on good-old Santa – No flies, either….

And nobody expects presents!

When you have Christmas in July, the Credit Card stays safely stowed in your back pocket, at least for a few more months.

Up here on the hill on the twenty-first day of July, we put on our best Christmas colours and enjoyed a hot Christmas lunch.

A fantastic fun day was had by almost one-hundred festive Christmas-ers who came out to celebrate our Christmas in July.

Chris Harvie provided non-stop, feet-tapping, sing-along entertainment. If you haven’t heard Chris sing – you should. He has an amazing voice and just the right personality to have everyone singing along, or at least tapping their feet.

I guess we forgot to tell Santa’s helpers – ‘No Presents!’

And The Hot Christmas Lunch?

Like any hot Christmas lunch, ours was Delicious!! Washed down with home-made Sangria, ensured a lively and energetic crowd on the dance-floor. The most lively dancer had his ninety-eighth Birthday the week before, which proves you are never too old to get out and enjoy yourself.

She might not have been up dancing, but our one-hundred-year-plus (101 year old) visitor certainly enjoyed the event as much as the rest of us.

So with Christmas in July over and done, there are less than six months before we do it all again, albeit minus a hot Christmas lunch.

Bring on December!!!