Is It A Scam?

Take a look at the following email and tell me what you think. Is it a scam? Does it look suspicious? If it does, what makes it look suspicious.

 DEAR MAUREENthis is Konrad Walker, regional store manager of Woolworths Murwillumbah.

We’ve had quite some trouble getting your voucher activated which is connected to a purchase from end 2020. Maybe your email changed or is not valid anymore. But without your reply I’m not allowed to set the amount and activate it right away for you, Maureen.

Please activate using our customer portal

Right after you confirmed this is you Maureen Durney with I’m talking to, you’ll be able to use the coupon.ACTIVATE – VOUCHER

Have a great weekend.

Konrad Walker | Woolworths Murwillumbah

Are you on Facebook?

Have you come across those posts that ask you questions like….

  • Who was your favourite teacher?
  • What was your first dog’s name?
  • What was the first car you drove?

Do those questions sound familiar?

They Should Do!

They are often used as the Secret Question your bank or other websites ask to verify that you are who you say you are.

When you log into a site that you have set up the questions and answers on, they may ask you to give the answer to one of those questions.

So, why do you think people are posting those questions in Facebook?

Should you be suspicious?

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