We Are Shutting Down Your Internet!

And You Will Lose Your Telstra Service!

Have you ever had one of those calls where someone tells you they are going to shut down your Internet and you will lose your Telstra service?

A lot of people have, and I’m sure you have too.

The call is a SCAM!

The best thing you can do is to HANG UP without talking to the caller at all.

Don’t feel bad about hanging up on them because they don’t feel bad about calling you to try and gain unlawful access to your Telstra Account or your Bank Account.

Once you hang up, if you can see the phone number in your ‘Recent Calls’ folder on your phone, then create a new Contact called Spam or Scam, whichever works best for you. Each time you get one of these annoying calls, add it to your Spam contact and you will know not to answer that call in the future because it will show the caller as ‘Spam (or Scam)’.

My Spam folder is pretty big…

Image by AndyPandy from Pixabay 

The other way to deal with it is to not answer the phone – or let it ring for a few minutes, if you don’t recognise the number. If it is a genuine caller, they will leave a message. If it is a Spam caller, they will only let the phone ring about 3-4 times and then they will move on to the next victim.

Never, Ever give your details to anyone on the phone unless you know they are a legitimate source.

If someone wants you to give them any personal details, tell them you will call them back.

Then, contact the agency they are reportedly representing, e.g your Bank, or Telstra, and check the legitimacy of the call.

Most, if not all of these calls are dangerous. Never give out your details, or click on any links in an email, even if they say they are from Telstra or your Bank.

Again, phone Telstra (good luck with that!) or your Bank and check with them.

Or, go into your account on the Internet and check if there is any problem with your account.

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