Noeline’s Travels

The above video highlights one of the fabulous trips our little Gypsy Traveller made in her lifetime. When she finally tired of me nagging her, Noeline reluctantly gave in and agreed to build a website for the hundreds of videos she’d made while travelling in her little campervan. I’m so glad I nagged, and that she eventually gave in.

On the 22nd December, 2023, the day after her birthday, Noeline succumbed to the lung cancer that she had been battling for more than a year. Being the gutsy octogenarian that she was, Noeline didn’t give up travelling just because of the diagnosis, and arrived home from her final trip a few months before she passed.

Noeline was an inspiration to us all and proved that age is just a number.

You can view more of Noeline’s trips at

In February 2024, Noeline’s son and daughter-in-law, Rodney and Lynn, flew from New Zealand to finalise the release of her unit for sale, and to hold a memorial for Noeline’s friends and neighbours. Sadly, other family members, including Tony, Amy and Paul, couldn’t attend in person, but we know their hearts were with us that day as we acknowledged Noeline’s incredible life.

A link to the memorial is provided below.

Select ‘Slide Show‘ from the tabs, then ‘play from beginning‘ to watch the memorial:


Noeline will not be forgotten while we have access to the hours of videos she made of her extensive travels, and whenever we think of the strong women we have known.

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