One Village – Two Committees

Six months on from the AGMs of our two committees, how are we travelling?

The Strata Committee (SC) is not-negotiable – we have to have one. We don’t have to have a Residents Committee (RC), it’s optional, but we do have one. So how is it working out?

In a previous post I described how the two committees were working together for the benefit of all residents, so six months on from the AGM of each committee, are they still working together?

In December 2022 each committee held their respective AGM. Not a good time to hold an AGM, but we made the most of it, despite lower than usual attendance. More alarmingly, there were very few nominations from the floor for committee positions, which forced some past members to renominate rather than step down for a well-earned rest.

Every day is the weekend

Given that we are all retired (or at least semi-retired) it’s understandable that being on a committee isn’t on most people’s retirement bucket list of fun things to do – it certainly wasn’t on mine. And given some negative mis-information that had been circulating around the village a month or so earlier, who could blame anyone for not wanting to be on the committee.

But – six months on from the AGMs, this is what has been happening on both committees, and I should know because I’m on both committees.

Having an overlap of members across the two committees means things happen faster. There are now three Residents Committee members on the Strata Committee, and vice versa, which means there’s a lot of cross-referencing at meetings.

At RC meetings, SC members take responsibility for issues raised that need to go to the next SC meeting. If the matter is urgent, the secretary sends an email to all Strata Committee members for a majority vote. The decision is then ratified at the next formal meeting.

What does the Residents Committee do?

The official role of the RC is to direct resident’s enquiries to:

  • management
  • Strata Committee
  • Aveo
  • external agency

But our Residents Committee does much more than that. Under the expert guidance of Peter, our Chairperson, and Cheryl, our Secretary, there’s a whole new level of commitment to the well-being of all residents. Not that the Strata Committee wasn’t doing that, but they’re more concerned with by-laws and financial decisions that affect the village, especially in connection to the common property. The Residents Committee can devote time to the important things, like advocating for new furniture for the Gazebo, or helping neighbours live more harmoniously, without having to elicit the strength of a specific by-law.

Each member of the two committees lives (or works) and is active in the village, therefore every decision and/or improvement affects them. And that’s why the committees take their role seriously and have combined their collective efforts for the benefit of every resident, including themselves.

Peter and Cheryl make the difference

Getting along well with all committee members, and management, makes for a peaceful life and a great community. And that’s what we’ve achieved since our respective AGM’s in December 2022. And that’s the way we intend to continue.

Peter is an outstanding Chairperson, and makes sure nobody is left behind in Open Forums. He treats every question with respect, which encourages residents to find their voice within the community. Judging by the increased attendance and questions at the sessions, I’d reckon Pete’s calm and peaceful nature is paying off.

Cheryl’s attention to detail in Agendas and Minutes are second to none. If an issue goes on the agenda, it stays there until it is resolved. In the meantime, progress is documented, step by tiny step.

Living in peace and harmony

You only have to walk around the village to see the difference. Things are happening faster, and more easily now that we have two committees working hard together. And you can feel the difference. There’s a harmonious peacefulness that is palpable. Is it perfect? Nope, and it never will be. When you have nearly three-hundred people living together as closely as we do, there will be bumps in the road, but those bumps are not insurmountable. The committees will continue to smooth out the prickly bits as quickly and peacefully as possible, and move on.

It’s all happening, and it’s all because the two relevant committees are working hard together. Mind you, lunch at our favourite restaurant after any meeting, really helps. We try to spread the love around by choosing a different place each time, but there are a few that keep drawing us back. Peter and I love the Fried Rice at The Balcony, Wendy loves Johnny Francos. And we all have our favourite dish at The Courthouse Hotel.


So you see, everyone wins – we splash a bit of cash around our beautiful town, as well as solving the problems of Mountain View. What could be better than that.

And at our next relevant AGMs, we are confident that the community centre will be full to overflowing, and we will have residents lined up to nominate for a position on the committee – either committee – or both.

Will you be there?

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