Where Were You When the Lightning Struck?

Where were you when that massive bolt of lightning hit the village yesterday?

Wait a minute, wasn’t yesterday Halloween?

Was it Nature’s attempt at Trick or Treat?

If Halloween is about scaring the daylights out of people, then yes, I guess Nature won.

There was absolutely no time between that one massive bolt of lightning and the accompanying thunder; they hit simultaneously. No wonder it sounded like it was right above us.

Because it was!

It blew concrete out of the road, literally!

Those of us on Jacaranda and the end of Lakeside Drive were lucky. But those on Fern Avenue and Fern Walk weren’t so lucky.

That bolt of lightning split a tree, then travelled through the garden, under the road and exited at a number of points.

I’m amazed at how it blew the top off this post.

And this one

I reckon this is the missing top….

A large pot of plants in the garden near Jean’s unit literally exploded with the force, the path strewn with soil and fragments of the pot.

A large rock and heavy statue landed on the path in front of the garden.

But the real damage happened on Fern Walk and nearly Lakeside Drive.

I reckon this is why their power went out.

Two power boxes took the force of Nature, which knocked out the Phase B – I have no idea what that means, I’m just repeating what the electrician said. When the lightning hit the power box, it blew phones off walls inside a couple of units in that block, including Rob’s.

Around on Lakeside, Kevin and Jean’s units had no power at all.

You can see the scorch marks from where that massive bolt of lightning found its mark.

Stuart from 2484 Electrical got it all working again, with a little help from Paul from Essential Energy’s emergency crew.

A quick call to Essential Energy’s emergency system brought the back-up Stuart needed.

Some TV‘s are still not working because some sets actually blew up.

Ray was quick to make a call to his NBN provider and a new router is on its way to replace the one that took the brunt of the lightning.

There was no time to unplug routers and TV’s. The storm seemed like it was still off in the distance – UNTIL – that massive bolt of lightning came from seemingly nowhere, and wreaked so much havoc in Mountain View yesterday.

But there were no casualties so we are very lucky.

And in attempt to make peace, Nature gave us these beautiful clouds at the end of the day.