Tech-Class 101

The more you ask of your brainthe more it will deliver.

Today we’re going to create new neural pathways in our brain and tackle some new learning.

Why would we use Social Media?

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; what happens on Twitter stay on Google forever!”

Jure Klepic, jureklepic.com

“Twitter is a great place to tell the world what you’re thinking before you’ve had a chance to think about it.”

Chris Pirillo, blogger

Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.”

Erin Bury, Sprouter community manager

So why would we use Social Media?

Because it is a great way to communicate!

You don’t have to go far to hear about problems with Social Media, especially Facebook, but it can be a life-line for seniors.

Apparently younger generations are abandoning Facebook and hanging out in other cyber-spaces like Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

But us older folk are flocking to Facebook in droves.

Why is this so?

For young ones who post everything from what they had for breakfast, to intimate details of their relationships, Facebook can be a dangerous place. Comments made by keyboard warriers can not only hurt, but can cause serious damage to the Psyche of the teenage mind.

By the time we reach retirement age however, we’ve been there, seen that, and problably done it all. Our Psyche withstood all the abuse the world hurled at it and has come out the other side relatively unscathed.

We found the Scroll Button and we’re not afraid to use it!

Negative comments from a few trigger-happy keyboard warriers won’t rattle our cage; we’ll just scroll on past them – well – most of the time.

If there’s one thing life-experience taught us over the years, it’s a bit of one-upmanship. And we take great delight in serving a good dose of it right back at anyone who tries to get one up on us through comments on Facebook.

So Facebook for seniors is, as it should be, a great form of communication.

Here at Mountain View we have our own Closed Facebook Group where we can share a good joke, or advertise a social event. And the Admin team of the group is adamant that it will remain a positive cyber-space where we can hang out together in safety.

You can find the group on Facebook at:

Mountain View Murwillumbah.

Our safety depends on new members answering ‘Yes’ to three simple questions:

  • Are you a resident or staff member at Aveo Mountain View?
  • Have you read the Rules for participating in the group?
  • Do you agree to abide by the Rules of the group?

Once you answer yes to all three questions, you’ll be admitted to the group and can share in the fun.

By asking people to read and agree to our rules, we can ensure that our page remains positive and supportive of all members.

By making sure that members either live here or work for Aveo, we can be confident that the privacy of members is maintained.

So, What Goes On?

Information about activities, events and general information is shared to the community in a safe, secure way.

Rather than just re-posting information, we try to engage the community in meaningful dialogue about whatever is happening.

We now have 73 members. Not everyone participates actively but that’s okay – our aim is primarily to share information.

It’s a great way to communicate with neighbours and friends in Mountain View.

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