Quilting Lessons

Julia has agreed to teach basic quilting and I can’t wait! I’ve signed up and I’m ready to go. We’ll start with hand-sewn squares, which apparently is the best way to start learning and then gradually move on to machine-sewn squares. Let the quilting lessons begin!

All images in this post are from Pixabay


Mondays – 11.30 – 1.30

If we need more time – we’ll adjust the length of the quilting lessons accordingly.


The Community Centre 

What to bring…

  • Fabric scissors
  • cotton fabric or ‘fat-squares’
  • size 6 Embroidery Needles
  • thread
  • ideas

If you have any books or pictures of quilts, bring them along. 

To sign up for Julia’s quilting lessons, contact me via the Comments section below…

See you there!

Quilting lesson in progress (photo by Maureen)