Organising The Linen Cupboard

No matter how big the linen cupboard is, we all wish we had more room or could be more organised. One way of packing a little more in, and making it seem like it’s more organised, is to pack our sheet sets inside one of the pillowcases that match the set. By folding the fitted and top sheet, and one of the pillowcases inside the other pillowcase, the whole set is contained inside the one, easy to access place. When it’s time to change the sheets on your bed, the task is made a lot easier. You simply take out the pillowcase, and everything you need is neatly folded inside it. This not only keeps things together, it also means one flat item, taking up less room. Now everything is stored together, and when it’s time to put the sheets on the bed, you’re not searching all over the cupboard for the pillowcases that match the sheets.

What tips do you have for organising the linen cupboard?

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