Wrap Your Laughing Gear Around This!

Wrap your laughing gear around this, and let’s dissect this whole ‘ageing and happiness’ business. “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old; you grow old when you stop laughing” George Bernard Shaw Who Wants To Grow Old Before Their Time!? Retiring from a long, stressful career in Education has given me the freedom to kick back and enjoy life. And one of the best … Continue reading Wrap Your Laughing Gear Around This!

Day Two – Tenterfield Trip

At the end of Day Two, fifteen weary but happy travellers were delivered safely back to our beautiful village. So with Part One of the Tenterfield Trip done and dusted, here is a pictorial account of Day Two. Day Two On Wednesday morning we woke to a beautiful crisp Autumn morning in Tenterfield (that’s code for FFFFF – Freezing Cold!). The sun was shining in … Continue reading Day Two – Tenterfield Trip

Tenterfield Trip – Part One

Synchronised alarm clocks started ringing around the village bright and early on Tuesday morning. It was the day for the Tenterfield trip – the bus was leaving at 8.00am – and fifteen of us planned to be on it. Weeks of planning and anticipation were about to come crashing in on each one of us. With last minute almost-forgotten items shoved into our packing, we … Continue reading Tenterfield Trip – Part One

Is there Harmony in the Village?

How does a family of more than two-hundred members live harmoniously in close proximity? Stick around and I’ll talk you through the harmony in the village I live in. Like any family of more than two members (should that be, more than one member?), there are bound to be problems. Is that how it is in Mountain View Retirement Village? Put more than two hundred … Continue reading Is there Harmony in the Village?

It’s All Rock ‘n Roll!

There is nothing like the first few bars of a favourite song to rekindle memories. When that music is Rock ‘n Roll – well, two decades come flooding back. The ‘50’s and ‘60’s is where it all happened. From the hard times of the Thirties and Forties, the Fifties brought change: money started to flow again post-war employment flourished pre-war peace returned … and the … Continue reading It’s All Rock ‘n Roll!


Spammers – the callers we love to hate! We all hate getting those annoying phone calls, at the most inopportune times,  from people trying to sell everything from Life Insurance to raffle tickets, but there’s not much we can do about it…. or is there? I’ve found a really useful way of dealing with these calls. And don’t get me wrong here – the calls … Continue reading Spam!