Tech Times for 2020

2019 has come and gone…

Where did that time go?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Last year we covered a whole lot of technological territory.

So what’s in store for this year?

A change of venue – sort of..

Same building – different room.

On 7th February – we will regroup and meet in the Meeting Room (between the Library and the Sales Office).

Image by level17 from Pixabay 


Fridays at 10am

Topics of interest for 2020:

  • Saving files and information e.g. Dropbox; iCloud; Hard Drive;
  • Organising and accessing files
  • Using OneNote
  • Smart TV
  • Online Banking
  • Booking Travel online

What Do You Want?!

Let us know what we’ve missed. If there’s a topic we haven’t covered, or haven’t gone into in enough depth, let us know.

Send an email, add your comments to this page, or even holler out to us as we pass you by in the street.

Email Maureen:

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